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Sewing Operator

Job Type

Full time, Seasonal (August 2021 – December 2021)
Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm

Job Description

This role requires the following skills/qualifications:

  • Operate and maintain sewing machines and related parts, including pattern plates, needles, presser feet, automatic cutting tools and blades
  • Read and interpret work orders and adjust machines and materials to match, including selecting fabric, thread and needles, mounting necessary attachments and double-checking settings before beginning a large run
  • Inspect and repair finished products as needed and make machine adjustments to compensate for errors or quality issues
  • Attach elastic, cord, zippers, hooks, buttons and other trimmings to sewn pieces according to work order instructions and diagrams
  • Troubleshoot basic machinery problems and request service or repairs as needed
  • Meet or exceed consistent daily and weekly output and quality goals

Apply with us if you are:

  • Ready to work and eager to learn
  • Friendly and professional
  • Highly reliable and punctual

How to Apply

Email our Human Resources Department for more information and details on how to apply.

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Southeastern Performance Apparel is an equal opportunity employer.