Southeastern works with directors and wardrobe coordinators/volunteers to outfit choral and instrumental groups.

Great question! Group orders are placed on behalf of the members of a group, are placed after creating a group account for the organization/school, and often include multiple items.

Create an online account below or call us, and we will personally walk you through the process. We want to do business the way you want to do business!

It is considered an individual order if you are a member of a group and have been directed to order for yourself. There is no need to connect to a group; simply visit our sister company. Click below to place an individual order.

If you are placing an individual order, visit here.
Creating a Southeastern online account allows you to pay with an approved Purchase Order or Credit Card!

STEP 1. Go to Create a New Account below.

(If you already have a Username/Password, go directly to Sign In below.)

STEP 2. Sign In with the Username/Password that you chose.

STEP 3. Once signed in, you will see Enable Group Online Ordering.

STEP 4. Below this, connect to your group's Customer Number by entering the number or requesting to receive the number via email.

STEP 5. Once you have entered a Customer Number, the group information will appear. Click SHOP FOR THIS GROUP to begin shopping!

You may connect your account to more than one Customer Number, allowing you to shop for multiple groups!

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