Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

  • What is your contact information and business hours?

Open Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm CST

  • Do you offer Live Chat?

We offer LIVE CHAT during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm CST). You may also leave a message via LIVE CHAT after hours, and we will reply the following business day.

Online Ordering

  • How do I create an online account?

Go to MY ACCOUNT (upper right corner of our site). Select CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

  • What is the difference in an individual account and a group account?

If you are purchasing on behalf of a performing arts group, please place a group account order – even if purchasing only one item for the group at that time. If you are a performer, and are purchasing for yourself, please select an individual account.

Group accounts receive discounted pricing, and are connected to a group customer number assigned to their organization. This allows Southeastern to keep a history of purchases and account notes – which we hope makes outfitting a group from year to year easier! See how to add/remove group numbers.

  • Where can I find my group customer number?

If you have ordered from us in the past, check your email for an ORDER CONFIRMATION. Your group customer number will be located in the upper righthand corner. On some confirmations, it is the 5-digit number found on the left side next to your organization’s name.

If you know the director’s email associated with your account with Southeastern, you may also login to your online account, then go to MY ACCOUNT > ADD GROUP (left side menu). You may enter the email address and search for the group customer number.

  • How do I request a group customer number if I am a new customer?

Online: First, CREATE AN ONLINE ACCOUNT. Then sign in to MY ACCOUNT, here or from the top right homepage menu.

Phone: Call 800.821.8270. One of our Customer Care Specialists can set up your group account and group customer number.

  • What are the benefits of a group account?

If you are purchasing on behalf of a group (no minimum order required), Southeastern will assign a 5-digit group customer number to your organization. By using this account and number, you will receive discounted pricing and all purchases/historical notes will be kept for you should you need assistance. In addition, you will receive two annual catalogs, the Concert Choir catalog and the Sensations Show Choir catalog.

  • Can I connect to more than one group number?

Many of our directors are a part of more than one group (for instance, concert choir, concert band, orchestra, and/or show choir). If you would like to keep these orders separate, we are glad to assign you more than one group customer number. You may also connect to more than one group number online if you prefer to purchase items there.

  • How do I add/remove group numbers from my online account?

First, CREATE AN ONLINE ACCOUNT. Once logged into your online account at, go to MY ACCOUNT (top right of home page). Then, from the left side menu, select ADD GROUP. You can locate your group by having your group customer number ready to enter or by knowing the email address of the director associated with your group account.

  • Do I need an account to make a purchase?

You can check out as a guest/individual at any time with no account. To receive group discount pricing, you must create an online account, then connect your online account to your group customer number. See how to add/remove group numbers.

  • Help! I forgot my password.

Go to MY ACCOUNT (upper right corner of our site). Click FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? An email will be sent to help you reset your password. Don’t forget to check your spam folder for the email!


  • How do I measure for sizing?

Visit our Sizing Resources page for printable charts and how-to measure videos (located at the bottom of the page).

  • Are your sizes the same as other retail sizes?

Southeastern’s sizes differ quite a bit from retail sizing due to the style of clothing. Please always be sure to measure twice and use our Size Charts before ordering!

  • What height requires a tall length dress?

We recommend ordering a tall length dress if you are 5’9” or taller.

  • What if I order the wrong size?

No problem! Unless you ordered a custom item, you are able to exchange for the needed size. Give us a call at 800.821.8270 for a Return Authorization Number.

  • What are sizing lines?

Most often used when sizing for a group order of concert dresses, a Sizing Line is an order for multiple sizes in the dress chosen. This makes try-ons and size selections easy! To save time and reduce the cost of return shipping, you can simply keep the sizes that work and exchange (or return) the sizes that did not work for your group. Learn more about a Sizing Line or call us at 800.821.8270 to order one for your group.

  • What are sizing bodices?

Used when sizing a group for show choir dresses, the tank-style bodices are available in both stretch and non-stretch (based on the style of dress chosen). Sizing Bodices are